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new to tuba, but now for life one...

Hey everyone! My name is Kristina, my friends call me Kris or are more than welcome to call me any of those three names. I also have another nick-name but that is only for my best friends which I have 100 or more of them, but I don't think any are on here, so I won't mention that name. I am a Junior at North Fort Myers HS, in North Fort Myers, Florida. I primarily play the saxophone, but this year I wanted a challenge and something new and more exciting than sax,seeings as I have played it for almost 8 years now.So...I switched to sousaphone for marching band; I also played tuba at a summer music camp here one week and loved it. But now I have a question, more like a demand... It is really early I know, but I'm just checking my priorities... for solo and ensemble I am taking a tuba solo, most likely a grade 2 seeings as I just started about 3 months ago... I was hoping that someone could tell me any good grade 2 solos that they know of or have played or heard others play. If so please comment and let me know of it. I like to be on top of things when it comes to practicing and stuff. Thanks, I look forward to some good times of being a member of this community! luv,Kristina
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