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marchin band, all-state..yeah

Hey everyone.
Wow, was I really the perkiest person ever tonight, I mean I was hyyyyyper, and there is a gnat on my computer screen..totally random junk just flys outta my mouth right now...yeah.
UMMMMMMMMMMMM.... everyone else had a football game tonight, and it really sucks, cause I *enphysis on the I* wanted us *enphysis on us* to have a football game tonight. I mean we would only had the first number on the field, but that is ok, and we'd kinda suck at some standstunes, so we'd have our kick butt drumline play a whole crud load of cadences!lol. Anyways, next Friday is our first game, going to be so totally awesome, cause we have both numbers marching on the field and the second number playing should be a piece of cake! We gotta get some more standstunes down and we're good, I gotta find a flip-folder and liar for myself, cause I need the fingerings for like Fight Song, and Alma Mater(yes i know, give me a break, new instrument ppl), ummmm..... and the rest are ok I guess...of course Rockin Robin kicks booty, I lluuuvvv the walking bass line in it... UMMMM...yeah that's it for that.
Well, I've confirmed I'm tryin out for all-state band... but not concert, just jazz, cause I can't find the book for the concert pieces...soooo, I shall be able to focus more on jazz-izle-ness babii.Teehee. I may have to use the school bari seeings as it is easier to get the high above staff D out of than my bari..?Yeah..that is right.
Alrighty, I'm done now...buh-byes..Luv,Kristina
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